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As many of you know, we have slowly 

but surely been busy building out our



here at the Roastery and I'm excited to say, 



We have built an inviting

space that showcases the specialty 

Organic and Fair Trade Coffee

I roast every day. We have a great

team of baristas, pulling great shots

and making all manner of fabulous

espresso drinks.

We offer pastries and biscotti

from local baker Candace's Cookies,

as well as home brewing equipment, 

brewing advice, brewing solutions 

and more...

It's an intimate, warm and

friendly gathering place with just

the kind of ambiance I look for

in a coffeehouse, with a nod to our

wonderful community, the working 

boatyard of Port Townsend.

Sue Ohlson

Sunrise CoffeeHouse 

Weekdays 6:30AM to 5PM

Saturday 8AM to 3PM

Sunday 8AM to 2PM




Fly By Night Roast
Sunrise Coffee's legendary dark organic roast will keep you flyin' all night...
$13.00 per pound
Blue Moose Blend
Out of the blue comes a mighty organic dark roast - a stand alone, hearty cup...
$13.00 per pound
Port Townsend Blend
A medium roast of organic blend from around the world. This blend is bright,...
$13.00 per pound
Max’s French Roast
An artful blend of organic beans that stirs your imagination like our artist,...
$13.00 per pound